♔ SOTR Chapter 117!

My eyes bugged out a lil' bit translating this chapter..

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This chapter is brought to us courtesy of Omar H. of UAE and Mohammad T. of Italy! Thank you all kindly, please join me in thanking them! Gosh it's been a while since a sponsored chapter. The last one was almost 20 chapters ago.

I was wondering when all the philosophy and abstract notions would come back into play for SOTR! I chuckled at the beginning of this chapter. Yes, herro there old friend, I have missed your uber abstract and flowery language. Thank goodness it was still easier to translate than the "Saber Aura Rising to the Sky" chapter. I spent half on hour on one paragraph for that chapter... heh!

Apologies for the slower than usual posting! I've been slightly distracted these two days as being part of the great Er-Generation Alliance (or what I like to call, the Great Troll Alliance). Have you all read Er Gen's new novel yet? It's currently titled A Thought Through Eternity and I am quite a fan. I pitched in with chapter one to partially troll readers (originally only our aliases would be credited) and chapter two because I was quite curious about the story. This was when I wish I only had one novel, I'd definitely pick it up and do it full time! Whenever I finish GDK or SOTR.. I'd like to do an on going novel. Keeping up with the raws is such an exhilarating feeling. :D

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