Chapter 117: Jiang Chen Comprehending Dao

Chapter 117: Jiang Chen Comprehending Dao

Jiang Han territory, River Wave City.

Ever since the Jiang father and son pair had returned, the atmosphere of the entire Jiang Family had become quite fervent. All of the Jiang family sons and disciples were united in a display of celebration that had been never seen before. Never had they been more enthusiastic.

The battle of the Second Crossing had already been revised into countless versions and become a legendary story within the Jiang Han territory.

The same theme permeated through the multitude of versions, and that was that the young duke had displayed an invincible martial prowess and stemmed the tide by himself, engaging the million strong Long family army in a fierce battle in front of the Second Crossing!

He had killed Long Zhaofeng, annihilated the Long family accomplices, and terrorized the million strong army. He had turned back the tides of darkness by himself and had lent a supporting hand to the Eastern clan in their time of crisis.

Even the Duke of Jiang Han, Jiang Feng, had to admit that, at this moment, the reputation of his son far outstripped his in the Jiang Han territory by now.

Jiang Feng naturally wouldn’t be jealous of something like this. Every father had great ambitions for his son, and the only person that every man could accept as being stronger than himself was...

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