♔ SOTR Chapter 108 - 110!

Finishing the SOTR chapter 100 bonanza with a bang!

Herro all! These chapters have all been edited by Kidyeon and officially mark the end of our chapter 100 bonanza. Ten chapters to celebrate the release of one hundred glorious chapters of SOTR!

I apologize, I'd meant to get the chapters out earlier, as in yesterday, but halfway through translating... I... accidentally nixed *all* the widgets in the sidebar of my own site. *cue mass pandemonium* Then what with time zones and schedules, it turns out that the chapters will be released now.

I hope y'all have enjoyed it, and the teaser as well! This one was mine for a change. :D And now, sans stockpile in *all* my novels, we take a brief one day or two day break, and I go show some love to GDK. :D

<3 etvo

PS. By the way, quest for Reddit dominance, partial success! :D (pictures after the break)

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When I went to bed on the first day of the mass release... we dominated the top spots! (But see that appearance of ISSTH, deathblade ruined my nefarious scheme! XD)

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