Chapter 108: Swordbirds Setting Up a Formation

Chapter 108: Swordbirds Setting Up a Formation

What irritated Jiang Chen the most, was that Yu Jie’s lofty and aloof tone seemed to be a hallmark of sect disciples. They looked down their noses at everyone else, and treated all common practitioners like ants.

Jiang Chen was quite put out of sorts by such arrogance.

He hadn’t been this haughty during his past life — and he’d been the son of the Celestial Emperor! Jiang Chen had befriended a wide range of people beneath the heavens, without regards to the level of their status. He had also never put on a supercilious face just because his status had been lofty.

“Yu Jie is it? You’ve said enough bullshit. You said you were going to use one finger to take care of me earlier, and then said that no one could save me between heaven and earth. I’m still right here, perfectly fine, after all that blather. Deploy your true abilities if you have any. If you don’t, leave Long Juxue behind, and get the hell back to your sect.”

Although Jiang Chen was injured, he’d recovered a great deal from his injuries thanks to the effects of the pills. Not to mention, his injuries weren’t a result of a direct head on collision, so the impact on him wasn’t as great as on Yu Jie.

He also knew that Yu Jie was likely putting on an act.

Although Yu Jie hadn’t been severely injured,...

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