SPONSORED Skyfire Avenue Double Release - Chapter 289-290

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

So it's 6:38, and I'm up a few hours earlier than I need to be because the death threats for that last cliffhanger have filled my inbox.

I was pelted with barb-wire covered bricks last night, and I thought I heard some shout "FIRST! F5 sect for life!" before driving off. So here is Chapter 289: Deimos Is... to satisfy your indelible bloodlust,

aaaand Chapter 290: <Name Withheld> for today's guaranteed chapter. Please join me in a round of thanks /desperate pleas for mercy from;

J.C. from the lovely PR (congrats on the first gold, woooo!)

R.R. from the U.S. (huge thanks dude, this'll help cover the stitches from that brick)

S.L. from CA (are you guys considered the 'northern alliance'?)

and K.J. from SG (nice work with the men's 1500!)

Enjoy, and thank you for your support!


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