FRESH Skyfire Avenue Release - Chapter 33

SABannerLan Jue, meanwhile, simply lifted his hand and shouted. “That Silver’s mine!”

Hello Wuxia!

Lan Jue has thoroughly trounced the Barber, a man known in the Northern Alliance for his skill at murder. What's more, he has called out the Beautician to join in the fun. Is he brave, stupid, or just that confident in his abilities? With that tantalizing bit of Harlequin Silver on the line, he better be able to put his money where his mouth is, or he's likely to come out looking like a fool to more than just Zhou Qianlin. Cheer him on in Chapter 33: Never Told A Lie! He though, I'm rooting for the Beautician. Strong dangerous women, yum.

I would also like to give a big e-hug to MB of France for his donation! Thank you brother, enjoy the chapter!

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