FRESH Skyfire Avenue Release - Chapter 32



“How could you be this fast?”

Da-nanana da-nanana da-nanana da-nanana DA. Risin' up! Back on the Street, did my time, took my chaaaanceees!

For serious you guys, listen to Eye of the Tiger when you read this, I'm pretty sure the author was. In this chapter we finally get to see what the Barber is made of, and whether all his smack talk can stand up to Zeus' strong-silent-type demeanor. No more nonsense giant cyborg bullies, no more snarky beautician commentary. Just full on punch people in the face action! In hind sight I should have taken bets on who you all thought'd win, but I guess we'll just have to skip that and find out now in Chapter 32: The Sparring Arena!

Xiao Lai


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