FRESH Skyfire Avenue Release - Chapter 190

Hey ladies and gentlemen,

So for the rest of March and the beginning of April, I'll be covering shifts for overly anal-retentive, religious and opportunistic women, who despite knowing  I have a second job and desperately need to study have decided this was the time they needed to visit Disney World/sit on the beach for a week. Ugh. Sorry, venting. The unfortunate ramifications of this are that I have to juggle more time.

Point being, I will try my best to deliver the chapters per week, but there may be times I miss or forget, and I beg your patience. The queue is full currently, and will not be cleared until it is posted beyond the five normal chapters I've promised.

Chapter 190: I Beg You to Help Professor Tan is our second this week. Enjoy!

Xiao Lai

Xiao LaiTranslator