FRESH Skyfire Avenue Release - Chapter 155

Hey hey hey.

So no one figured the nun thing out, and that's ok cuz it didn't make much sense even in my head. I was tickled cuz Lan Jue was getting chastised by the Wine Master, like a kid in a catholic school. Then in my brain the Wine Master turned in to this hideous gangly male nun slapping Lan Jue over the knuckles with a ruler.

Whiskey may have been involved.

Anyway as I was proofreading today, I realized that my subconscious had designated Donald Sutherland as the voice of the Wine Master, insidiously and without my permission. Still I found it fitting. How about you, wh could you see cast as this old drunk?

Ponder as you read Chapter 155: The Benefit Concert.

Xiao Lai

Xiao LaiTranslator