FRESH Skyfire Avenue Release -Ch. 44-47


Hello readers!

Hello from the US of A where I will be causing trouble and eating too much for the next month. Hooray! Of course just because I'm somewhere else doesn't mean I can leave you guys without your Lan Jue fix, so here are a few chapters, just for you.

After looking at the poll from the last post, it appears you guys are split pretty evenly between double-day releases and bulk, so I figured I'd try to appease both by having mini bulk release, spread out. These four chapters should cover this first week, and another will make itself available sometime next week when I have the time to sit with my wife and go over them.

Please enjoy reading Chapter 44: Telling Tales, Chapter 45: Genuine Nobility, Chapter 46: DreamNet, and my FAVORITE Chapter 47: Prometheus!

Xiao Lai


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