Wuxiaworld Welcomes Rex and Xian Ni/Renegade Immortal!

Hey guys, this is a novel that I've been wanting to promote for quite some time now, and a great translator as well; Renegade Immortal (formerly titled Xian Ni), also by Er Gen, and which is being translated by Rex!

Renegade Immortal has an interesting history; it was originally translated as 'Xian Ni' via MTL by Void Translations (FBT pitched in with an occasional chapter).  Despite the fact that it was MTL, it still picked up a bit of a following, and so many people were quite saddened when Void Translations stopped.  Fortunately, Rex jumped in, but he did so in a way that I respected the hell out of; to ensure everything made sense, he started retranslating by hand from the VERY BEGINNING, even though the MTL was already up to 178.  I respect the hell out of that!  He's also worked with me to 'harmonize' the titles and terms with ISSTH.

In order to keep the old fans happy, he continued to translate the new chapters as well, so he's translated chapters 180-207, as well as chapters 1-50.  He's going to crank on the 'old' chapters, so once we hit 180, we'll be able to 'merge' the audiences, new and old, and everyone will win!

Renegade Immortal is the story which put Er Gen on the map.  It's story and the main character is darker than I Shall Seal the Heavens in many ways, but it's no less excellent a tale.  I think you will all enjoy it very much.  For now, let us give a big Wuxiaworld welcome to both Renegade Immortal and Rex to Wuxiaworld!