PW Chapter 71 and FAQ

Hey guys, sorry for surprising you like this haha...

So Ren approached us and asked s if we wanted to host our novel on Wuxiaworld, and it happened sometime a few weeks ago. Yay~

Now I know you have a few questions, and I will try to answer them as best as I can in this post:

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Translated by Poop

Edited by FatChinee

Q: Why did Ren choose Perfect World over a few other series?

A: Perfect World is number 5 in Qidian's all time charts, and it is just below ISSTH and CD. Also, Ren's mom likes it a lot and asked him to TL it. Seeing as how we were already working on it, and that Chen Dong is one of the platinum authors, it was a good fit.

Q: What about the other novels on Pika?

A: Inch of Radiance is done by me and a few freelance editors, and Silva is doing WoI. As of right now, those will stay on Pika and continue to be translated as usual!

Q: Will the sponsored system stay the same as Pika?

A: Winter break is here! That means more chapters! We are going to do one chapter a day starting today, and with a bonus chapter at 60 dollars! (If you guys are worried about IoR, I have also bumped that to 3 a week!!)

Q: Do you like pie?

A: depends on the pie

Q: Do you like poop

A: Not really the best tasting thing I'm life but it's a necessary human function