It's almost time for goodbye...

Hi everyone! Past Life Returner is coming to its end... /sobs

The last chapter will be released to the public on 6th November 2023, and the end dates for the respective tiers are as follows: 

Infant: 4th November 2023

Student: 2nd November 2023

Financier: 29th October 2023

Wall Street Fund Manager: 25th October 2023

Pre-Awakened: 21st October 2023

The Awakened: 13th October 2023

Eight Evils and Eight Virtues: 5th October 2023

Hedgie's (Translator) Last Words:

Dear readers,

We have reached almost the end of the road with Past Life Returner, and I can't help but feel a mix of emotions. I still remember how nervous and concerned I was at the start. My first crack at translating, and it happened to be this epic tale of Seon-Hu turning back time to save the world and his loved ones. But you know what? Every step of this journey felt like I was right there with the characters fighting, growing and saving others, haha. 

From those early jitters to these final words, it has been a wild ride. I hope my translation lets you experience even a fraction of the thrill I felt. 

Big thanks to all of you for taking this adventure with me. Here is to Seon-Hu, the PLR team, and all of you who made translating this novel a real joy 🙂

Hope to see you soon in a different novel!

Sanguine's (Editor) Last Words:


I'm the editor for PLR, which means I get prime access to Seon-Hu's arduous journey to protect mankind. It's been a hell of a journey, and I want to thank all of you, the readers, for supporting Hedgie and I along the way. I've definitely enjoyed reading your comments.

There are a decent number of side stories after the main finale, so I hope you enjoy those too! Until we all meet again!

We are grateful for all the love and support showered on the awesome PLR team thus far, specifically toward our translator Hedgie and our editor Sanguine! Do hang around the site for more new novels that are coming up, and your continuous support to Wuxiaworld is greatly appreciated!