Champion mousepad giveaway and character poll!

To mark the completion of Overgeared, we’re running a giveaway for US-based Champion subscribers of the novel! (The US restriction is to keep the shipping manageable – sorry). It isn't limited to only current Champion subscribers, it's for subscribers from any point in time. 

We’re collaborating on this with our friends at Overgeared’s Korean publisher, Mayamaru! They’re producing Overgeared mousepads, and they’ve sent us five of them to give away. The mousepads will also be available on Amazon sometime in the near future, and we’ll make another post when they go live.

The event will run from June 18th to June 25th. After that, we’ll email the winners via the email addresses associated with their Wuxiaworld accounts to request their mailing addresses. If we don't receive a response from a winner within five days, we'll draw again.

To enter, simply answer the poll below and tell us who your favourite Overgeared character is! The poll is open to everyone, it’s just that only the US Overgeared Champion subscribers will be eligible for the giveaway. You’ll be able to see the results after giving your answer.

Here is the link!

If you’re a US Champion subscriber, please ensure that you are logged in to your Wuxiaworld account when you click the link. This is how we will associate your poll completion with your Wuxiaworld account.