MGA: Tsunami - Chapters 172 - 200

Oh yes. The time has come. Woo~~

A day late, but happy monthiversary to MGA! *Claps claps claps*

Anyways, for those who don't know, the 26th is the day I started translating, and also the day that I joined wuxiaworld. So, usually, I would release maybe an extra chapter or two on this special day, but since summer is here, I welcome it with a tsunami :D

This month has been great and I hope that it continues as we continue dominating the world with novels providing novel translations for you guys. Yep.

So, there are a total of twenty-nine chapters here, not twenty-eight, so here's the chapter counts:

-3 chapters for the hiatus last Thursday

-2 chapters for the hiatus last Friday

-2 chapters for Friday

-2 chapters for Saturday (today)

-20 extra chapters from donations

So, the reason why I stacked it up was because I wanted to do something random and special for this magnificent date of celebration, so instead of $80/chapter, it's $60~ Horrah~

Small thing, but why not. A good cause for holding them back right?

Worked on this for the entire week starting from Sunday, so it has been quite a bit of work, but hopefully worth it :p

Anyways, I don't have much to say other than to enjoy the chapters, so enjoy the cliffhanger chapters!

P.S. There may be more chapters coming on the usual time today, but maybe not. We'll see :)