MGA Releases ~ Chapters 251 - 264

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And a bunch more information below:

First of all, volume #1 finished! Hooray! *claps*

Secondly, if you haven't seen already, "Chief Lin Ran" is now "head manager Lin Ran" because of some mistakes by me. Also, no chapters this week, so therefore none of the donation money will be subtracted. (just reminding)

Thirdly, schedule change. Two chapters everyday. If you don't see any chapters on Saturdays or Sundays, they'll come on Mondays. Extra chapters come at any day. I clearly have no malicious intentions. Don't worry :)

Fourthly, spent like 5 minutes on this but removed it since it wasn't too important. So, next. On another thought, I'll just include this. What I want to say is this. If you really, really didn't like the first volume, I would not recommend continuing. Although volume 2 and 3 are a bit better (IMO), they're better by just a bit. If you don't like how the MC acts and the general plot, it's quite unlikely you'll like the remaining novel. However, if you're at the edge of dropping it, I would recommend sticking with it for a bit more since volume 2 has a bit more adventuring (as shown by the title of volume 2). Anyways, just putting that out there~

Fifthly, glossary. Throw me suggestions, and this is the format I generally am planning:

Separated in: Characters, Items, Idioms/Slangs/etc, Locations, Ranks

Organized in: Alphabetical order

Includes: Which chapter it first appeared, generally how that person/thing/location was discovered/seen, brief explanation about it

That's what I'm planning to put it in. It won't be a straight alphabetical order glossary, but first separated in categories (above) before ordered. Anyways, suggestions and any questions about the series (no spoilers) are welcome, and enjoy the chapters~