MGA Releases ~ Chapters 204, 205, 206

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Sorry about the late chapters, but my mind was simply not moving for some reason. Anyways, some things:

1) The planned glossary will only start from Volume 2. All the characters that appear then will be added, even if they already appeared in volume 1.

For example, if Chu Xun appeared in volume 1 but not volume 2, he will not be added. If Chu Yue appeared in volume 1 and 2, she will be added.

Idioms will also be put there, so if some strange idioms are confusing and you forgot about them, remember to look there. I will put a translator's note for the first appearance but not the following ones. Also, the glossary will have information up to the latest chapters, so don't look at the glossary if you haven't caught up.

2) Like I said, the summer posting will start on July the 1st, but it may only last for a short while, for example, a week. I'll have to look at how much time I want to spend on translating, so all of that may be changed. Beware!

That is all, enjoy~