MGA Releases ~ Chapters 117, 118, 119, 120

Hello everyone and welcome back. Read chapters here

Sorry bout the lack of chapters yesterday, but I had fun reading/skimming a volume. Volume #2, done!

So, a few things -

1) If you haven't noticed, "Boundary Formation" is now "Spirit Formation". It makes it a lot more vague and general so it should be better for the future. I will use it for everything and no PinYin (none of that "Jiejie" stuff)

2) "godly lightning" is now "Godly Lightning". Small thing, but meh.

3) As a general rule of thumb, as long as it doesn't sound too weird, I will translate the names/things into English instead of leaving them in PinYin. Because of that, I might change some names accordingly as the novel goes on in order for them to sound better.

4) Any changes that I do in naming will be stated in the daily post when I release the chapters, or in the MGA index as a "TN".

5) After reaching to chapter 550 or something, I will say this: The plot seems (or is) quite predictable right now, however, you will pretty much see that no more in a few more arcs, so await the unbearable cliffhangers :D

6) My release schedule is generally 21:00 UTC, however, it can be at late as 22:00 UTC. If it's any later than that, then assume no chapters, though I will usually announce it if that is the case.

7) Hope you guys don't mind, but I plan to translate as a summer job (donations and whatnot) as I am still in the educational stage in life...

So, when I have time to translate before July the 1st, would you guys rather I release it slowly per day, say like 4 chapters a day, or do the normal daily releases then surprise tsunami the whole world on Sunday? Just saying that it's a one time thing, and when July arrives, I will probably release it slowly rather than all at once. But anyways, how else to decide, other...than...polls!


That is all for this note, sorry if it's a bit long, but I think everything I want to say is said. So, enjoy the chapters~