MGA Releases ~ Chapters 108, 109

To those who only want to read, MGA chapters here~

A few things. First, somewhat off topic, but I am going to stop translating Xian Ni for more chapters of MGA. Don't get me wrong, Xian Ni is interesting and it's one of the books that I am enjoying, but I just want to focus more on MGA for now. Perhaps in the future I will help out, but it's undetermined.

Secondly, because I am no longer translating Xian Ni, I will try my best, so no guarantees, to have 3 chapters out every Tuesday and Thursday, excluding today. The extra chapters from donations will be posted on Saturdays, however I may post them on weekdays as well.

Thirdly, since Ren and the others are doing it as well, I'll be including text links (other than the "Read Chapter" button) to the chapters, as seen by the link above. That is all for now, enjoy the chapter!