MGA Releases ~ Chapters 103, 104, 105

Hello everyone! First post here so had a bit of trouble (quite stupid troubles), but here are the MGA chapters. I also have quite a few to say, but if you don't want to know about it, go straight down read ahead.


First of all, the amount of chapters remain the same. (Usually) 2 chapters a day, an extra if there are enough donations or if I'm feeling like it :p

Secondly, I will post a post on my blog as well for feeds since wuxiaworld only send emails I've heard? If that's wrong, please correct me.

Thirdly, although Ren's got most of the DDOS and other problems solved so there shouldn't be any problems, if, for whatever reason, the website is down, I'll link to the google docs in my posts (on my blog). I'll remove the link and replace it with the one on the website when it gets back up. However, hopefully, no problems will appear.

Fourthly, regarding the arcs. The reason why I removed them was because they're quite annoying/challenging to think of since the arcs in the story have quite different lengths, and also, the more important part, I need to think of a arc name that gives a general idea yet doesn't spoil what would happen. Obviously, that's a bit hard to think of and sometimes the arcs I give out might spoil the content. So, what other to do than...polls! Here

I believe that is all. Sorry about the somewhat late release, but had quite a lot to write and needed to look back at the comments to see if I missed anything. Since it's my first post on WW, extra chapter for you guys! Horrah~