MGA Release ~ Chapters 999–1004 + Important announcement

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This'll be slightly lengthy, so:

Hey all, FBT here. With the grand end of volume three and the beginning of volume four, I'm announcing that I'm dropping MGA.

However, no worries! I've talked to Ren roughly a month beforehand and things are mostly sorted out. There should be another announcement relatively soon with another translator starting it up (it's staying on wuxiaworld). Ren'll probably give more details later on.

For the interested, the reason I'm dropping it is because school's (a wonderful new journey of university) starting soon so I don't think I have the time nor the mental strength to continue translating MGA, or any series with a schedule of some sort. At least, I do want to spend the time elsewhere other than translating quite a few hours per week.

I won't stop translating entirely though. On my very small blog, I do teasers (Prologue + Chapter 1) of random CN series, which will pick up somewhat in speed since I have one less thing to do, and I also edit for my editor's series, which is a VRMMO novel by the same author of TDG. (shameless plug)

Anyhow, that's the gist of it. Thanks for all the support over the past 1.5 years or so, and if you got any questions, throw 'em below!