MGA Release ~ Chapter 521

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Hello once again! Here with a single, short chapter. I actually have two more chapters here, but I seem to be lacking time so that'll come later this day.

Anyways, volume 2 ends at chapter 548, so that's 27 chapters to go. What I'll do I think is I'll rush through them this week, hopefully finishing the rest of the volume by Saturday (despite unlikeliness, but I'll try), then take probably 1-2 weeks off from translating MGA completely and study some of the other translators' translations before tackling the entirety of volume 3, which ends at chapter 1004 (which is roughly the same size of what's translated already!). Hopefully it will improve my own translations, somewhat.

Now that I have an excuse to read ISSTH cough I mean now that I've got that out of the way so no surprises, enjoy the chapter~