MGA Chapter 1062-1064 Release

Enjoy. Edited by: -MoonKiller-

YWL's Apology: I must apologize for the delay.

I decided to buy a graphics card and spent quite a while to find the one that I figured would work best for me (I have finally purchased GTA V during a sale where its price dropped to $30 a month ago). I ended up buying a RX460 4GB for $115 AR. So far it's serving me pretty well. (Although I wasted an entire day trying to figure out why my CPU was performing so bad even with it installed. Turned out that I have limited my CPU to 800mhz.) The day after my purchase of the 460, prices for RX480 4GB dropped to $165... causing me to spend more time on deciding whether to return my 460 in exchange for that. I decided to keep my 460 since I don't really game much and didn't feel like spending the extra $50 for 80% extra performance that I would likely never use.

I think I'm over my past few days of graphics card research and craze. I should be able to go back onto the translation scene now :)

Please feel free to point out any mistakes or suggestions in the translation.

Yang Wenli