Goodbye, Maru! Goodbye, LOA!

<Life, Once Again!> is coming to an end!

But first things first, an obligatory date mention

The last chapter (After Story 278) will be released to the public on 19th October 2023. Here are the dates if you're subscribed to the novel:
Background Actor: 18th October 2023
Juvenile Actor: 16th October 2023
Youth Actor: 14th October 2023
Amateur Actor: 9th October 2023
Professional Actor: 4th October 2023
Superstar Actor: 27th September 2023


Three and a half years! 1302 chapters (it'll get there)! What a ride it has been!

This was perhaps the biggest project of my life, spanning almost three years. I started LOA when... alright, I won't bother with the boring history stuff.

There have been many changes in the time I was translating LOA. I, for one, am no longer in college and am practically a full-time translator now, cuz... hey, it seemed like a viable, decently-paying job. Wuxiaworld has changed during this time too, especially recently. We even have a new boss! And a bunch more Korean translators on board! Some of them have serialized more titles than me! (lol)

I will write up a full review once the last chapter goes public, but <Life, Once Again!> is, in my opinion, a one-of-a-kind novel, something you won't find anywhere else. It's just like the title: you're reading about someone else's entire life; their good moments and bad moments. I am aware that many people found the "bad moments" disappointing and dropped this novel half way through, but honestly, that's what makes this novel... good. It's not often that you'll find authors who try to portray reality as good as Wise Dragon(the author) does, and as a translator who had to read into much of the details, I could very much immerse myself into the story, perhaps more so than ordinary readers. It definitely is a refresher when you're starting to get fed up with overpowered protagonists Korean and Chinese fantasy novels.

Right, enough of that. I do have to write a full review later, so I can't write too much here, or else I won't have anything to write...

Okay, then. LOA's over now. What next?

I am, and will be, working on some novels in and outside of Wuxiaworld, details of which, I can't go into here because of... circumstances. If you'd like to know, you can always DM me in Discord, and I'd be happy to answer. However, my goal is to expand and diversify my field of expertise as translator, going into more genres such as fantasy, sci-fi; other types of Slice-of-Life like law, medical, music; Korean-style wuxia. And I would be more than delighted to share my results in the form of translated novels on Wuxiaworld.

Now, I'd like to thank everyone who made this translation possible.

First of all, thanks to the author Wise Dragon, for writing such a great novel. I enjoyed every last moment of reading and translating it. Hopefully, my translation was decent enough to get his great content across to global readers.
Thanks to my editor Sigh for being such a wonderful editor, who accepted my request to become editor when I simply asked him on Discord. (I basically nabbed him). I'm sure he had to deal with terrible chapter upload times (cuz life do be like that).
Thank you all the advance chapter subscribers. You are what made this translation project possible.
Thanks to Wuxiaworld and its staff (and Ensj, the former translator) for letting me bring this magnificent masterpiece to the English audience.
Thank you all the commenters who put comments. Even just "Thank you"s! I haven't replied to all of them, but I can assure you, I've read through every single one of them!

And last but not least, a huge thank you to everyone who read this great novel alongside me. I hope you enjoyed Maru's (and Haneul's) story as much as I did.

Hopefully, I'll come back to you all with another great novel before my name fades from your memory xD.

Happy reading!

Signing out

P.S. I'll try contacting Wuxiaworld staff and ask if the author wants to say anything to the English audience. And if something comes back, you'll see it in the "KTLChamber's thoughts" section in the final chapter.

P.P.S. If you'd like to know the whereabouts of Wise Dragon's new novel... hit me up in Discord (Chamber @ktl_chamber)