Immortal Soaring Blade soars onto Wuxiaworld!

Hello everyone this is Rex, it has been almost a year since the end of Renegade Immortals but I'm back with  a new novel, Immortal Soaring Blade! I did plan to take a break after finishing RI but didn't expect it for it to be this long, 2020 has be one messy year for everyone so I hope everyone is doing ok! RI was an amazing novel and a difficult one to follow up on but I found Immortal Soaring Blade very refreshing when I was searching through the massive sea of novels.

It is the story about how a young boy named Zhao Jiuge stumbles into the cultivation world and strive to become strong so that he could have control over his own fate. The key thing I like to point out is that he is a child, he behaves, thinks, and act like what you normally expect a child would act. Many novels have character very young act extremely mature to show off just how smart they are whether its the MC or sometime a villain. But here children act like children, there might be genius but still doesn't change the fact they simply haven't lived long enough to become that cunning yet. So I hope you all would enjoy this refreshing take on character development.

Important Information:

Schedule: 14 Chapters every week. 2 Chapters per day baring any accidents

All release are based on Pacific Standard Time (PST) or GMT +8

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