Vote for ISSTH art contest A "scenes" !

Vote for your favorite scene depiction after the jump! Mobile readers beware, there are 27 big pictures in the post! You might want to use wifi or your desktop!

Okay, this is pretty simple. Below you will see all the entries in gallery format, which you can examine closely.

At the bottom you will be able to vote. You are only allowed to vote one time, but during that one time, you can vote for multiple entries. Please choose wisely.

Remember, there were three "scenes" to pick from: Meng Hao's Gold Core Tribulation, Grandmaster Pill Cauldron Reveal, and Meng Hao and the Blood Mastiff. Most of the entries are pretty obvious, for a few I added a brief explanation. The entries are organized by alphabetical order of the username of the entrant.

There are 27 entries, so if you have a slow internet connection, you may want to give a minute for them to all load.

#1 artsu

#2 atettmara

#3 Axdur

#4 chromeseeker

#5 (First appearance of the Blood Mastiff) cidqueen

#6 (Sixth Matrix, Temple of Ancient Doom) Colateral

#7 Gama

#8 guinabear

#9 (Meng Hao rescues the mastiff: "I'm here to keep my promise.") imnotapangolin

#10 Inno

#11 (Blood Mastiff v. the Barbarians) InZ

#12 Kristen

#13 kuroroaztec

#14 Mojogger

#15 momamo

#16 nikiknight001

#17 phairy

#18 (Meng Hao and Blood Mastiff v. Blood Dragon) PhusroCat

#19 popocake

#20 sekiq

#21 (Meng Hao and Blood Mastiff in the "poison hell") SnowTime

#22 (The Mastiff is injured) SparkWater

#23 Tommy Wijaya

#24 Torr

#25 XenosRan

#26 Ziodyne

#27 iamimmoral

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