The sages said, read ISSTH chapter 120!!

After a nauseatingly bumpy, five hour ride from the resort back to the airport, I found I had enough time to post another chapter! This is all thanks to the sponsors, so please join me in clasping hands in a respectful bow to Fellow Daoists Kok Yan Leong, Ko-chun Wang and Jonathan Aloof for bringing the second sponsored chapter of the week! By the way, I was really excited to translate this chapter, but fyi, there is no action! Just saying...

Chapter 120: The Five Sects and Three Clans of the Southern Domain Translated by Deathblade Contributing Editors: Madam Deathblade, John Rogers Proofreaders: Lingson, laoren and MeeBoo Sponsors: Kok Yan Leong, Ko-chun Wang and Jonathan Aloof

Where am I, and where am I going? ....

I started my trip in Ho Chi Minh city and then at a resort in Phan Thiet. And now I will be heading to Hanoi. Hmm... do I know anyone in Hanoi..?