Learn of the Dao of Alchemy! Read ISSTH Book 3, Chapter 242!

"We're having friends over for dinner tonight, and I have to cook?!" exclaimed Deathblade. "Yes," replied Madam Deathblade. "What do you want Paul to bring to drink?" "Tell him to bring some beer," replied Deathblade. "I have to release a chapter tonight and prepare another chapter for release in the morning." ..... "He wants to drink baijiu," responded Madam Deathblade. Deathblade's eyes glazed over.

Chapter 242: Alchemy Dao Transmutation Incantation Translator: Deathblade - Contributing Editors: Madam Deathblade, John Rogers - Proofreaders: Lingson, MeeBoo and Yascob

This is the fourth guaranteed chapter of the week! ...

No Heaven-shaking events in this chapter... however, starting next chapter is a story arc which blew my mind. Stay tuned....