ISSTH translation adjustment and queue mistake

A quick announcement for those of you who follow ISSTH...

You may remember chapter 34, when Elder Brother Chen describes the various levels of Cultivation. In the original translation, he talks about "paths" which appear in the Core Lake. I'm changing the translations of "paths," as you can see below in the adjusted translation from chapter 34:

“When Establishing the Spiritual Foundation, nine Dao pillars will arise within your Core Lake, deep and bottomless. They will grow within your body, and this is Foundation Establishment. Of course, there are different types of Foundations, based on the various magical methods used to congeal the Dao pillars. If nine cracks appear, it is a Flawless Foundation. If eighteen cracks appear, it is a Cracked Foundation. More than eighteen cracks means it is a Fractured Foundation. Of these, Flawless is the best, Cracked is good. Fractured is the most common."

Also, when I posted the sponsored chapter on Sunday I neglected to update the queue. I just did so, as you can see to the right. Sorry about that, I will be more diligent in the future!