ISSTH Chapter 600 Fan Fiction Contest

Greetings Fellow Daoists! The ancestors and elders of RoyalRoadL and Wuxiaworld have come out of secluded meditation to join together and bring about a tournament to test the might of their disciples. Put your Dao to the test by writing your own take on ISSTH. Take a look into its secrets, then use your own ingredients to make something similar. Or use the same ingredients and simply use other methods to create something completely different. Sever your reservations and seek for written enlightenment!

In other words, in celebration of the release of ISSTH chapter 600, RRL is working together with Wuxiaworld to have a fanfiction contest. There’s even a cash prize for the winners of the contest – with a cash pool of a whooping/whopping $700. Use the settings and/or characters to create a story of your own or take the plot and bring it down a different direction that you think would be better (or worse). For all the details about the contest, head on over to RRL as soon as possible!