ISSTH art contest WINNERS!

All the votes have been tabulated and the results are in. Check them out after the jump! . . .

In the end, I decided to actually award a fourth place prize for both contests! Some of the winners have still not sent messages with their paypal address. Please do so as quick as you can, as the prize money will be going out soon!

The prizes were:

4th Place: $15 3rd Place: $25 2nd Place: $50 1st Place: $100

4th place winners:

Meng Hao and the Blood Mastiff v. Blood Dragon by Phusrocat 4th

"Now that is a Cultivator!" Meng Hao by hikaritenjou 4th

. . . 3rd place winners:

Fang Mu is Pill Cauldron by iamimmoral 3rd

Resurrection Lily by Pangcake 3rd

. . . 2nd place winners:

Meng Hao and Blood Mastiff by Gama 2nd

"Now that is a Cultivator!" Meng Hao by atettmara 2nd

. . . 1st place winners....

Meng Hao and Blood Mastiff by sekiq 1st

"Now that is a Cultivator!" Meng Hao by Gama 1st

Congrats to Gama for getting both a 1st and 2nd place win! Amazing! Here are some shout-outs from the 1st place winners:

From sekiq: Congrats to the winners and all artists! It was great fun to participate in the contest. I'm fairly new to ISSTH so thank you all who commented for the feedback. Good luck on future contests!

From Gama: Thanks for the votes, and if anyone is interested I'm open to reasonably cheap commission, pm me on wuxiaworld or deviantart for more info!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated! Hopefully we can have another amazing art contest sometime again soon in the future.