ISSTH adjustment to previous chapter

Fellow Daoists, please read about a clarification to a previous chapter that (slightly) affects the current storyline:

First, here is the passage (the adjustment is in the last paragraph, with the first paragraph also containing a key element that doesn't need adjusting). If you don't notice anything different, then there's no need to read my explanation. If you do notice the big difference, then keep reading for the details.

Meng Hao stood within the blood-red glow, looking excited. He looked at the spear, which emitted a white, silver and golden glow. Suddenly and inexplicably, the spear, completely of its own volition, shot forward, combining with the fog to transform into the image of an old man in a red robe. It was Patriarch Reliance.

Clasping his hands in salute, Meng Hao said, “Disciple Meng Hao pays respects to the Patriarch.” Without even thinking about it, he began a flood of eloquence: “You cast awe into the hearts of the people of the State of Zhao, and your name is even known in the Southern Domain. I have revered you ever since I joined the Sect. Every day I pay homage to your words from the beginning of the manual. I have constantly reaped rewards…”

“Very well, very well. You haven’t done well in your studies. Let me tell you, kid, when I was your age, my flattery sounded much more natural than yours. Don't try to pull that stuff off on me.” Patriarch Reliant glared at him, yet inwardly was a bit moved.

Meng Hao looked at him with a sheepish smile.

“Even though it’s useless to flatter me, well I… never mind. Listen up. I was only able to use a sliver of my consciousness, so it wasn’t easy to scare off those damned Nascent Soul stage Cultivators. I don’t have much time at the moment before this form disappears.” As he spoke, he began to grow more and more indistinct. “I need to rest for a year. When that year is up, you must use any means possible to attract every expert of the Foundation Establishment stage or higher from the State of Zhao to come to my meditation zone. If you can accomplish this, then I will give you an incredible reward!” He raised his hand and pointed a finger at Meng Hao.

Instantly, information entered Meng Hao’s mind, and he now knew how to open the entrance to the meditation zone.

“Kid, you are the only heir to my Reliance Sect. Don’t get yourself killed. If you get killed, I will have to find a concubine to bury with you… I… I find it annoying to have to…” The sound of his voice continued to echo about, but his body had dissipated. Not a shadow remained.

Meng Hao stared blankly for some time before recovering. It was at this point that he realized that everything which had happened had been Patriarch Reliance’s attempt to scare away the outsiders.

“So he didn’t kill those three people… But, what happened to the spear he was going to give me?”

In my original translation, Meng Hao's final line was something like, "why did he give me the spear?" This made it seem like he still had the spear. In actuality, Patriarch Reliance never gave it back to him. Perhaps this helps clarify why Meng Hao A) had Fatty's dad forge the three fake spears and B) hasn't used the real spear in any fights.

Sorry if this caused confusion. I know some of you were wondering why he hadn't used the spear yet, or perhaps were speculating when it would come into play. Sometimes the Chinese text is not very clear in making a point, and usually I try to adjust things in English to make sure there aren't any misunderstandings. In this case I missed the ball. My apologies!