Fellow Daoists, please enjoy ISSTH Chapter 55!

"Good evening, this is Ken Zhang, head anchor of ZCNN, the State of Zhao's premier Cultivation news broadcast. Tonight's lead story relates to an interesting subject: trembling. That's right. Why do so many Cultivators tremble? Whether it be from fear or excitement, anyone who has spent any time in the Cultivation world has seen this common occurrence. Do Cultivators drink too much coffee? Does their Cultivation tend to cause nerve damage? Let's go live to Nancy Wang, who has the inside scoop on this baffling phenomenon. Nancy?"

Chapter 55: Overbearing Translated by Deathblade Contributing Editor: Madam Deathblade Proofreaders: Lingson, laoren and MeeBoo

Whoah? What the heck? A new chapter at this hour? Yes, everything was lined up and ready to go, so I decided to post chapter 55 tonight before I go to bed (it's night now in China). If I can just get enough Spirit Stone donations, then I plan to post chapter 56 first thing in the morning. For now, it's time to hit the sack!

Minor info about a translation change below

Originally I had Sun Hua as a member of the "Songwater Sect." In the preview for chapter 55, it was accidentally changed to "Watersong Sect." I'm actually scrapping both of those, and going with the new translation "Winding Stream Sect." Sorry for the confusion.