☯ ISSTH Chapter 895 ☯

I went to the hospital earlier today. There's a reason why even many Chinese doctors I talk to say that, generally speaking, the health-care system in China sucks. That's because, put frankly... it does. Going to the hospital tops my list of things I hate doing in China. As an example, I once went to the hospital because I had conjunctivitis, which is a highly infectious inflammation of the eye, also known as Pink Eye. I'll never forget how the "doctor" examined my eye with no gloves. update: didn't wash hands before or after either.. I felt really sorry for whoever had their eye examined after me by the doctor who used no gloves to touch my inflamed, infectious eye. Anyway, this is a bit of an early release as I hope to go to bed early and forget about the annoying and harrowing experience from earlier today at the hospital.

P.S. A potential soundtrack to this chapter was suggested by team member GNE, simply click the link in the chapter title to open the song in a new window.

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