Chapter 895:

Chapter 895: He’s… Back!

“21,000 meters!! In the current generation of the Fang Clan, there aren’t even ten people who can cause a 21,000-meter Gatebeam to appear! Today… there’s one more! Who is this person?”

“It’s definitely someone from an auxiliary bloodline. I’m eighty percent certain that it’s Tao’er.”

The Fang Clan members outside East Heaven Gate were completely astonished. Meanwhile, back on Planet East Victory, seven bell tolls had rung out into the ears of all Fang Clan members. It was at this point that Meng Hao’s 19th Uncle, who sat by the lake drinking alcohol, suddenly quivered. He slowly put the flagon of alcohol down and looked up into the sky.

“Seven bell tolls…” he thought. “Who exactly is stepping into the Fang Clan’s gate for the first time. Could it be… that it’s Hao’er?!?!” 19th Uncle suddenly stood up and waved his hand. The young man who had been hanging there upside down let out a shriek as 19th Uncle grabbed him and flew up into the air.

“Dad! Dad, it was my fault! I really made a mistake….” 19th Uncle completely ignored the young man’s shrieks, simply carrying him along as he shot toward East Heaven Gate. He had to see if this newcomer… really was Meng Hao...

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