☯ ISSTH Chapter 646 ☯

It was pointed out to me that I actually missed an important line in the translation a few chapters ago. Back in chapter 634, there was a part where it mentions that during the fight with the Wang Clan Patriarch, Meng Hao's Cultivation base was compressed from 8 parts down to 7. A more recent chapter mentioned that it was at 7 parts, which may have been confusing since I missed that line from before. I really apologize about that.

By the way, I should also mention that I often make changes to previous chapters, but only mention such changes if they are major. Sometimes when I go back to search for chapters for the footnotes, I will spot typos or small mistakes that I fix. Other times I will intentionally go back to make changes that don't really affect the storyline, but make the narrative sound better. In any case, the posted chapters are really an "in progress" translation. However, if anything happens that affects the story, I will definitely mention so in a chapter release.

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