Chapter 646: I’ll Give You Some Good Fortune!

Chapter 646: I’ll Give You Some Good Fortune!

In order to create the most realistic act, Patriarch Reliance filled his roars with incredible power. Everyone on the island, including the Cultivators of the Footloose Sect, could hear him clearly.

Their faces all flickered with various emotions. The people near the battlefield didn’t dare to get too close. Their expressions were that of shock, and they were panting.

“Meng Hao? Who’s that? It sounds like he’s really important in the Footloose Sect!”

“What kind of person would the Patriarch risk his life to protect? He must be the hope of the whole Footloose Sect! He can’t die!”

“Meng Hao? I remember! He was an Inner Sect disciple of the Reliance Sect! The Patriarch was right! He’s the highest ranking member of our Sect next to the Patriarch!” The astonished Cultivators immediately committed Patriarch Reliance’s words to heart, engraving them there to remember always.

Actually, Patriarch Reliance’s words were filled with such realistic emotion that even he was starting to believe them. Tears appeared in his eyes as he roared out. It was at this point that the 10th Wang Clan Patriarch stopped in mid-air, his eyes wide with shock.

“Why aren’t...

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