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All Categories

#Sub CategoryTitleClicksAuthor
1Adventures in Another World龙王传说The Legend of the Dragon King55,404唐家三少Tang Jia San Shao
2Fantasy Cultivation玄界之门The Portal to Wonderland50,360忘语Wang Yu
3Mecha怒瀚Fury Ocean39,504新兵扛老枪Xin Bing Kang Lao Qiang
4Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties寒门状元Impoverished Top Scholar39,433天子Tian Zi
5Three Kingdoms Period偷香Stealing Beauty38,817墨武Mo Wu
6Power Struggles in Another World纨绔邪皇Evil Silkpants Emperor37,586开荒Kai Huang
7Adventures in Another World黑暗主宰Lord of Darkness34,172零下九十度Ling Xia Jiu Shi Du
8Adventures in Another World植物大领主Plant Overlord33,839洗洗睡了吧Xi Xi Shui Le Ba
9Eastern Fantasy巫神纪The Magus Era31,624血红Blood Red
10Adventures in Another World天河大帝Galactic emperor31,561寂寞读南华Ji Mo Du Nan Hua

Alternative Fantasy

#Sub CategoryTitleClicksAuthor
1Adventures in Another World龙王传说The Legend of the Dragon King55,404唐家三少Tang Jia San Shao
2Power Struggles in Another World纨绔邪皇Evil Silkpants Emperor37,586开荒Kai Huang
3Adventures in Another World黑暗主宰Lord of Darkness34,172零下九十度Ling Xia Jiu Shi Du
4Adventures in Another World植物大领主Plant Overlord33,839洗洗睡了吧Xi Xi Shui Le Ba
5Eastern Fantasy巫神纪The Magus Era31,624血红Blood Red
6Adventures in Another World天河大帝Galactic emperor31,561寂寞读南华Ji Mo Du Nan Hua
7Eastern Fantasy黄金斗魂Golden Battle Spirit28,085西方金Xi Fang Jin
8Eastern Fantasy史上最强师兄The Best Elder Brother in History27,279八月飞鹰August Eagle
9Eastern Fantasy大帝经Scripture of the Emperor17,473天涯逐梦Tian Ya Zhu Meng
10Adventures in Another World阎魔传Legend of the Underworld Devil15,963御宅庸少Yu Zhai Yong Shao

Traditional Fantasy

#Sub CategoryTitleClicksAuthor
1Western Fantasy奥术年代Age of the Arcane15,295羽林都督Yu Lin Du Du
2Western Fantasy巫师神座Sorceror’s Throne8,623王吾Wang Wu
3Western Fantasy哈利波特之凡人的崛起Harry Potter and the Rise of the Ordinary Person5,708秃头披风Tu Tou Pi Feng
4Western Fantasy魔法高材生Top Class Magic Students5,087刀锋饮喋Dao Feng Yin Die
5Western Fantasy二十面骰子Twenty-sided Dice4,983索斯Suo Si
6Western Fantasy巫师之旅Wizard’s Path4,623一行白鹭上青天Yi Xing Bai Lu Shang Qing Tian
7Western Fantasy位面之地球殖民Colonists of the Earth Planes4,318玻璃洋葱Bo Li Yang Cong
8Western Fantasy巫界术士Warlock of the Magus World3,103文抄公Wen Chao Gong
9Lords and Nobility大教皇The Great Pontiff2,181三脚架San Jiao Jia
10Lords and Nobility重生之领主传奇Legend of the Reborn Lord1,914烟本是道Yan Ben Shi Dao


#Sub CategoryTitleClicksAuthor
1Traditional Wuxia武侠世界自由行Traveling Freely in the Wuxia World15,237大江入海Da Jiang Ru Hai
2Traditional Wuxia无限之华山掌门路The Limitless Path of the Huashan Sect13,609会飞的火星人Hui Fei De Huo Xing Ren
3Traditional Wuxia醉卧江湖之天下盟Grand Alliance of Drunken Jianghu12,508白少主Bai Shao Zhu
4Modern Wuxia执剑写春秋Wielded Sword Writes Spring and Autumn8,423殊彦Shu Yan
5Modern Wuxia侠行天下Face the World with Chivalry8,212zhtttyZhttty
6Modern Wuxia白袍总管White Robed Explorer6,446萧舒Xiao Shu
7Traditional Wuxia修行在武侠世界Practicing Cultivation in the Wuxia World4,131裂土称皇Lie Tu Cheng Huang
8Modern Wuxia武道轮回纪事Chronicle of Martial Arts Reincarnation3,890不空不净Bu Kong Bu Jing
9Traditional Wuxia势凌云霄Power Above the Clouds3,347原汁化原食Yuan Zhi Hua Yuan Shi
10Traditional Wuxia重生天龙之慧剑凌霄Zhong Shengtian Long Zhi Hui Jian Ling Xiao2,455天狐岛主Tian Hu Dao Zhu


#Sub CategoryTitleClicksAuthor
1Fantasy Cultivation玄界之门The Portal to Wonderland50,360忘语Wang Yu
2Fantasy Cultivation全真仙门Immortal Quanzhen Sect30,076秣陵别雪Mo Ling Bie Xue
3Fantasy Cultivation道士无敌Invincible Daoist Priest15,141一莸Yi You
4Fantasy Cultivation十维仙途Ten Dimensional Immortal Path13,937一笑凡尘Yi Xiao Fan Chen
5Classic Xianxia问水九剑Nine Water Seeking Swords10,461沅昊Yuan Hao
6Fantasy Cultivation弹指诛天Slay the Heavens with a Snap8,941驱虎吞狼Qu Hu Tun Lang
7Classic Xianxia太易Too Simple8,452无极书虫Wu Ji Shu Chong
8Classic Xianxia青玄道主Mysterious Azure Highway7,991中原五百Zhong Yuan Wu Bai
9Fantasy Cultivation飞天Flying through the Heavens7,443跃千愁Yue Qian Chou
10Classic Xianxia寻情仙使Xun Qing Xian Shi6,214陈风笑Chen Feng Xiao

City & Modern

#Sub CategoryTitleClicksAuthor
1Abnormal Ability至尊主播The Supreme Anchorman18,060兔子来了Tu Zi Lai Le
2Abnormal Ability带着神龙打工还债Collecting Debts with a Heavenly Dragon17,133敖少宝Ao Shao Bao
3City Life我家萝莉是大明星My Lolita is a Superstar15,211追梦人Love平Zhui Meng Ren Love Ping
4City Life美利坚梦幻庄园The United States of Neverland15,178铂金Bo Jin
5City Life美利坚怪侠The United States of Masked Vigilantes15,175半仙算命Ban Xian Suan Ming
6Abnormal Ability超级红包Super Red Envelope15,144我是店长Wo Shi Dian Chang
7City Life神棍医生Shen Gun Yi Sheng14,770沐轶Mu Yi
8City Life逍遥小镇长Xiao Yao Xiao Zhen Chang14,673全金属弹壳Quan Jin Shu Dan Ke
9Abnormal Ability超级动物园Super Zoo14,524银色纪念币Yin Se Ji Nian Bi
10City Life港岛大亨Hong Kong Tycoon14,404红林小盗Hong Lin Xiao Dao


#Sub CategoryTitleClicksAuthor
1Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties寒门状元Impoverished Top Scholar39,433天子Tian Zi
2Three Kingdoms Period偷香Stealing Beauty38,817墨武Mo Wu
3Foreign History重生印度之高人一等Reborn Above Everyone in India15,319墨罂粟Mo Ying Su
4Foreign History崛起之第三帝国The rise of My Third Reich15,050大罗罗Da Luo Luo
5Foreign History红色苏联The Red USSR14,720华东之雄Hua Dong Zhi Xiong
6Three Kingdoms Period赵云Zhao Yun13,281巫山哥Wu Shan Ge
7Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties回到明朝当海盗Back to the Ming Dynasty to be a Pirate13,259给您添蘑菇啦Gei Nin Tian Mo Gu La
8Foreign History德意志崛起之路The Sudden Rise of Germany9,785终极侧位Zhong Ji Ce Wei
9Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties开个飞机去明朝Fly to the Ming Dynasty in an Airplane8,294我是钢筋工Wo Shi Gang Jin Gong
10Qing Dynasty & Republic of China晚清之乱臣贼子Wan Qing Zhi Luan Chen Zei Zi6,485吴老狼Wu Lao Lang


#Sub CategoryTitleClicksAuthor
1War of Japanese Resistance抗战之无双战将Invincible General in the War of Japanese Resistance15,171步枪打蚊子Bu Qiang Da Wen Zi
2War of Japanese Resistance抗日之将胆传奇True Guts in the Fight Against the Japanese6,879丑牛1985Chou Niu 1985
3War Fantasy佣兵的战争Mercenary War3,721如水意Ru Shui Yi
4War统御全球Conquer the World2,795落爷孤独Luo Ye Gu Du
5War of Japanese Resistance抗战之超级兵锋Resistance Fighter Supersoldiers2,793长风Chang Feng
6War战火来袭The Strike2,688贪狼独坐Tan Lang Du Zuo
7War of Japanese Resistance