Chapter 586: I’ll Take You the Rest of the Way

Chapter 586: I’ll Take You the Rest of the Way

The Seven Paragons instantly began to grow even more shocked.

“The voice of Lord Li!!”

“Impossible! Lord Li is sleeping! If he had woken up, then the three Demon Mountains would immediately shine for tens of millions of meters in all directions, and the two Holy Lands would be unsealed. Everyone would know, and all the experts in the Ninth Mountain and Sea would come to offer their respects!”

“This isn’t Lord Li, but it’s definitely his voice? But why?”

“Something about the voice seems off… as if it’s weak?”

As everyone in the outside world was astonished, in the 80th level of the Demon Immortal Pagoda, everything was collapsing. Meng Hao sat cross-legged on top of Patriarch Reliance. Up ahead of him was a violet-colored mark that flickered with violet light.

As the light spread out, the collapsing world grew silent, and everything stopped moving.

The voice echoing about in the outside world could also be heard around Meng Hao, and its source… was none other than the violet mark in front of him.

The top 10 Daoist magics didn’t require enlightenment, just good luck. After acquiring one of them, if destiny called for it, it would become a seed of Daoist magic. If there was no connection, no amount of pleading would do any good.

Meng Hao...

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