☯ ISSTH Chapter 526 ☯

For today's chapter release I have to share a bit of nostalgia with you relating to Stellar Transformations. See it after the jump...

Edit: Okay, I will post the pictures later!

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This is guaranteed chapter 3/7 for this week...

This picture is kind of complicated, but also relatively simple. I happened to find this on my work computer recently. Even though it's in Chinese, you can see that the date is June 6, 2014. The files are two Stellar Transformations desktop images that I found. Yeah, back in the spring and summer of 2014, my desktop was Qin Yu and Xiao Hei.

About two years later, many things have changed. He-man is here on Wuxiaworld, translating a new story. There has been an explosion of translated Chinese web novels. Instead of waiting for chapter releases, I'm now freaking out if I haven't prepared the next ISSTH chapter on time. As the saying goes, time flies!