Chapter 526: The Sixth Anima Rocks Heavenly Tribulation

“Up to this point, my life consisted of two parts,” Meng Hao murmured.

“The first part was beneath Mount Daqing, along the path of the Imperial examinations…. When I stood on top of Mount Daqing, wrote down my dream and stuffed it into that gourd bottle, then tossed it into the river below, I had no idea…

“That that very moment represented the beginning of the second part of my life.

“That second part was cultivation!” Meng Hao stood on the surface of the Violet Sea, wearing a spotless green robe. He did not sink down even a bit into the seawater. Instead, he looked up at the boundless lightning dancing about up above like red serpents. They interlocked, forming Tribulation Clouds.

“This past hundred years or more of cultivation allowed me to experience death and escape. I have experienced things that the old me would never have been able to experience, walked paths that before, I could never have walked to the end of.

“As for Heavenly Tribulation… I’ve experienced that too, more than once.

“This time, I will not be nervous like I was when I experienced the Heavenly Tribulation of the Perfect Foundation. I won’t take it as seriously as the...

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