eRiGi says hi!

Hello everyone! I Returned as a High School Girl is finally being launched! We hope you can enjoy this light-hearted comedic novel for a change of pace from the fighting going on around other novels! Please do help me welcome our new translator, eRiGi to Wuxiaworld as well!


Hey there, guys! My name is eRiGi, and I have been given the honor of being the main translator for I Returned as a High School Girl!

To say a few things about me, I’ve been a webtoon translator for around two years because of my love for them. However, working on things that you love to do as a hobby always ends up gradually eroding your love for them, which was why I decided to quit and turn it back to simply being a hobby. I then turned my attention to webnovels, which I never had much interest in reading (because I’m a manchild who only likes looking at pictures), and found Wuxiaworld. I thought I might as well try applying for a position, and I actually got it, and here we are!

Although many people had helped me in the translating process, I’d like to give a shout out to three individuals who stood out the most. Cosy, my translation manager, who gave tons of translation tips to a novice webnovel translator like myself; Retired penguin, who absolutely stripped my translations bare and helped me fix many of my incorrect grammar habits; and lastly, Grace, who also helped with my grammar, and taught me many things that I needed to know about the position.

Thank you for taking the time to read my self-introduction (I know I wouldn’t), and I hope you’ll stick with me on this absolute joyride of a webnovel! I had so much fun translating I Returned as a High School Girl, and you’ll have just as much fun reading it. I’ll try reading through all of your comments and reviews, so make sure you leave tons!