Goodbye Vampires~

As my pet dog once said, "All good things must come to an end" (All bad things must come to an end too, if you wanna play it like that). And as much as all of you beloved readers have enjoyed reading HLVL (Or hated it, thanks for sticking around anyways), it, too, must come to an end. Alas, I am the harbinger of this inevitable end, and I have a few short words to say. 

First, thank you to the author Frozen for yet another great novel for us at WW to enjoy. It's been a great pleasure to have translated two of your works. Thank you to all of you readers out there. Without your patronage, I would be out stuck in the cold -30 winter of Canada, hunting wild moose and geese and building myself an uncivilized hut to last me through the snowstorms, instead of driving my lamborghinis and bugattis (cuz obviously I make billions from translating). Of course, thank you to Veela for her wonderful edits and corrections as well, and Cosy for always making sure everyone had a warm chapter to last them through the day. I will hopefully see everyone again in the comments section of my next translation!! 



The last chapter will be released to the public on 15th Jan 2023. Meanwhile, here are the end dates for the respective tiers:

Human: 13th Jan 2023

Aide: 11th Jan 2023

Knight: 7th Jan 2023

Thrall: 3rd Jan 2023

Noblesse: 28th Dec 2022

Origin: 22nd Dec 2022

We are grateful and thankful for all the love and support shown towards HLVL and also our translator, DantheMan and editor, Veela all this while. We look forward to continuing to see you around! Your continuous support will help us in deciding the kind of novels that we will be bringing to Wuxiaworld!