HJC Vol 6 Chapter 39 Part 3 Release

First sponsored release of the day! Sorry, it's rather late, went to watch Star Wars (finally)... ahhh so good! I think I shall go watch it again next week <3 (Please no spoilers in the comments in case any others haven't watched yet, thank you)

In any case, enjoy this release~ We are finally entering the academy soon!

HJC Chapter 39 Part 3

Thanks to Jake Thygesen, Cesar Padilla from the US, Tamashii from Austria, and Henry Tizzard from Australia for sponsoring this release! <3

P.S. Have read several comments in the previous chapter regarding the 'Virgin your Sister' phrase, and Ren also mentioned something about it. I realised that my footnote wasn't really clear at all.

Basically, xx 你妹 (or xx your younger sister), where xx can be any subject, is a slang that the chinese use to convey derision, as Ren said, something like how we use xx Your Ass in english, and can only be considered a very mild insult at best. The reason I chose to do a direct translation is because Ming Yu actually chooses to treat it literally later as well - and says he insulted his sister. Now, I'm not sure why exactly this is so, but TJSS has done it several times in HJC already, using a term with another meaning and having others interpret it with the more literal meaning. (Truly a pain to translate =p ) In any case, maybe Ming Yu is just sensitive about his sister =p

Hope that clears things up, and I have also updated the previous footnote.

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