HJC Vol 3 Chapter 21 Part 2 Release

My first ever sponsored chapter! <3

Thanks to Wilson Gautama of the US, and T.F from Germany for kindly sponsoring this chapter :)

Also, I was inspired by our dear Overlord Ren's afterword, and realised that I haven't been exercising at all since I started doing this too! Sooo besides catching up on sleep, I dragged myself to the gym today =p It was tough, but good!

Came back to a happy sight on the donations and quickly churned this out as fast as I could. I won't be updating the donations bar on the right for a bit as I'll need to ask Ren and don't really want to interrupt his hibernation for now heh :P Edit: So I figured it out and updated it lol.


HJC Chapter 21 Part 2

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