GOR Chapter 174

Chapter 174

1st chapter of the week is up!

A little notice, there'll be only 5 chapters this week. 2nd on Wed, 3rd, 4th and 5th between Fri and Sat. Planning to spend some time editing some earlier chapters and rest abit... =P

Also, here is a revised intro. Please comment on what you think about it.

After an unexpected incident, Chen Xiaolian, an ordinary high school student came to discover that the world he lives in is nothing more than a program. That he and those around him exists as NPCs, whose meaning of existence is to be used as entertainment for others. That every decision he ever made was simply the effect caused by a predetermined script. Most importantly, that this world is slowly heading toward its end.

Now, Chen Xiaolian must adapt, gather allies to fight and survive, and uncover the truth of this world.