GOR Chapter 164 Part 2

Chapter 164 Part 2

1st chapter  of the week is up!

So, i tried writing up a new intro for GOR. No matter how much i think on it, this is pretty much the best i can do. What do you fellows think?

Intro (by podao)

Chen Xiaolian, an ordinary high school student was on his way back from a vacation. However, his plane ended up crash landing into a mysterious island. When he got to, he realized that everything was not as it seemed and that he had been inadvertently sucked into a game like situation; and that he was supposed to play the role of… an NPC?

Through an unexpected event, he managed to acquire superhuman powers and must now navigate through the rules imposed by this game and survive by fending off monsters and the alien beings who claim to be the creator of this world... Players.

Now, Chen Xiaolian must adapt, gather allies to survive and uncover the truth of this world.