Bye Bye Milton!

Dear readers,

It doesn't feel like it's been long at all, but Game of the Monarch will be drawing to a close in a month or so! The highest tier subscribers will reach the end, Chapter 266, on the 9th of December. Meanwhile, the novel will end on 10th January for public readers! We thank you for all the support and love that you have shown to Game of the Monarch and also our translator, Yojj! Here's a full list of the subscription end dates:

Welcome to the Forrest Estate - 8 Jan 2022

Just Kidding! Welcome to the Battlefield - 6 Jan 2022

Who will rule Lester Kingdom? - 2 Jan 2022

Military Powerhouse, the Strabus Kingdom - 29 Dec 2021

 Beware the Ghosts - 23 Dec 2021

Gorgeous. Sexy. - 17 Dec 2021

 Monarchism vs Republicanism - 9 Dec 2021

Thank you for your support once again; your readership and subscriptions help determine whether we'll translate more novels of this type!