Naming Input for Emperor

This will be a post about opinions and inputs. I want to hear from the readers about the names in Emperor's Domination, since there are so many characters. It is also something that I've been debating for a couple of months now.

When I first started, Immortal Emperor Ta Kong was Immortal Emperor Space Trample, and Immortal Emperor Min Ren should be Immortal Emperor Brilliant Benevolence. So the reason why I chose to go with the pinyin is because Immortal Emperors are already six syllables, and some of these names will be extremely long. I could shorten the translation, but I feel like some of it will be lost, and some of the emperors have really similar titles, such as Immortal Emperor Fei and Immortal Emperor Fei Yang, which both mean soar. One could be flying, but that doesn't sound as cool.

This was the reason why I settled on Immortal Emperor + pinyin for the emperors' titles. This isn't an issue in the Chinese version because Xian Di + two words are only four syllables, but in the English version, it could go up to 10 + syllables.

I'm also repeating the word Immortal Emperor every time on purpose because it is part of the narrative even though it becomes quite wordy. For example, Tian Tu, also an Immortal Emperor of the Ancient Ming; the author purposely leave his "Immortal Emperor" out of the narrative to show the disdain everyone have for him.

Min Ren is also sometimes without his title because it is when Li Qiye is referring to him.

I try my best to use pronouns instead of titles when applicable, but they are still quite abundant and wordy.

At this moment, I am quite certain that I will leave the current naming scheme for Immortal Emperors + their two pinyin titles with an English translation for their notes.

However, this is where you guys come in. Let me know if you want to see more English as part of the names, or keep the pinyin version for titles outside of Immortal Emperors.

For example, Saint Child + English translation is not quite wordy.

Two characters from an upcoming chapter:

Saint Child Qian Yue and Great Child Yao Guang.

English versions would be Saint Child Thousand Mountains and Great Child Brilliance.

Please comment and share your thoughts about which version you prefer: the current pinyin system or a new English system.

Note: The titles are not their real names, but titles bestowed on them or the name of their sects most of the time, like the case of Great Child Yao Guang.

On the other hand, Immortal Emperors are very rarely referred to by their real names if ever. I've actually only seen less than five cases that I can recall out of 1800 chapters.