Emperor Chapters 281 and 282

Translator: Bao Editor: Nahct

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There's also some stuff I would like to say but it'll be quite a wall of text so I'll put it in a spoiler for those of you who want to read it.

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[spoiler title='Nahct's ramblings']First off, something that regards chapters 195-202. Prior to moving ED from Path of Translation to Wuxiaworld, these specific chapters were actually never edited at all. I had it recorded down on my to-do list which I somehow forgot to check so, in the end, these chapters were never edited. After finding out about it from Bao (telling me how he's been getting quite a bit of correction messages for chapters within this range), I went back to check and remembered this issue. With that said, chapters 195-198 have been edited and updated and I will be editing the rest of the chapters as well.

And this brings me to the second point! Thank you to everyone who has been and is still reporting mistakes/corrections! It really makes the overall quality of the text higher and we really appreciate it! The only thing I want to say about this is, please PM me (Nahct) the errors that you PM Bao as well. Or, simply put it in the comments of the page or directly in the ED channel on discord. This will help me improve as and editor and it will also reduce the amount of work Bao has to do with updating errors. I'll also be spending more time while I edit these chapters to reduce the number of errors there will be.

The third point is about Bao's works in general and not just ED. As many of you may or may not know, Spirit Vessel on Gravity Tales is also being translated by Bao. As such, the amount of work he's doing is actually more than what you might think. Anyway, since ED is not the only novel he's working on, we need to spend time on both of these novels as we wish to maintain a high level of quality for both works. With that being said, I'm currently going over all of the SV chapters (fixing name spacing, inconsistencies, rough re-edit of chapters). After that's taken care of, I'll be going over the early chapters of ED again. As many of the new readers might discover, the early chapters of ED are quite inconsistent with formatting (chapters 20-60? still use hyphens). I did go through chapters 1-20 a couple of months ago, but I'll be going over the chapters more thoroughly later on. Also, very few of you might remember that I said I was remaking the ED glossary to be more organized/hold more information (instead of just the names). Well, it's still there! I'll be working on it as I go through all of the ED chapters and after SV is done so don't expect it to be done anytime soon!

Lastly, I'd just like to mention that, if you didn't realize already, the one who does 95% of the ED posts is me, Nahct. So don't think that Bao is crazy and always refers to himself in third-person haha. And for those of you who are now wondering just who does what...

  • Bao
    • Translates
    • Creates/posts ED teasers
    • Creates/posts SV chapters, announcements, and reddit posts
  • Nahct
    • Edits
    • Creates/posts ED chapters, announcements, and reddit posts
So unless otherwise specified, this will be who's doing what ;)

PS: All of the comments on Wuxiaworld from "ImmortalEmperorBao" are from Bao himself, not me. When I want to comment on our pages, I will be using my own account to do so.[/spoiler]